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Marlee Float Specs

The Marlee Float Engineer’s Pack includes all details and supporting documents for Sediment Basin design and Post-Construction Water Quality Basin Design utilizing;

The New Rymar Water Quality Filter!  The Zip file is organized for ease of use and includes:


Marlee Float Skimmer Details, design tools, Test Data and supporting information.


Sediment Basin Details.  


Water Quality Basin Details, Design Guidance, Test Data and supporting information.


The Webinar below includes more detailed technical information to aid in the design and permitting process of incorporating the Marlee Float Skimmer into your next project.

Please reach out to a RYMAR Specialist if you have additional questions.


*Basin Details and Design Guidance based upon commonly approved practices.  Local requirements may vary.

*1 PDH credit available upon request

Install a Marlee Float in LESS than 5 Minutes!

We’re excited to have partnered with HydroCAD Software Solutions to include our Marlee Float skimmer in their latest software release to make modeling even easier. A special outlet device flow curve is included for each model and orifice configuration of The Marlee Float.

Source the Marlee Float for your next project.Find it near you.
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