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Introducing A Sediment Barrier That Won’t Back Down

The Versa Wattle is a revolutionary erosion control product that effectively filters out sediment while also diverting stormwater on construction sites. It is designed to remain secure, durable, and not fold under the pressure of heavy rain and mud or large vehicles and heavy machinery. The RYMAR Versa Wattle is built for performance and can be used for the life of your construction project.

Why consider the Versa Wattle?



The Versa Wattle is easy to install and attaches securely to asphalt and/or concrete to direct and filter stormwater flow.

Durable Design

Built to withstand being driven over and the weight of even the largest trucks and heavy machinery, the Versa Wattle can endure pressure without busting.

Erosion Control

Unlike similar products, the Versa Wattle not only diverts stormwater, it manages and controls it by filtering the water and trapping sediment.

Built to Last

Because the Versa Wattle is installed securely, we stand by the use of our product for the life of your project.

Designed To Perform.

The HS 10 (Hard Surface 10′) attaches securely to the asphalt and/or concrete to direct water flow into catch basins, trap sediment and filter water. Installation is simple and quick, and the Versa Wattle is perfect for use on roads and other hard surfaces .

Tested and Proven Results.


Normally on job sites, water bypasses catch basins due to a lip between asphalt and curbs. The Versa Wattle not only directs the water flow into the catch basin, it filters the water and traps sediment.

Unlike other similar products, the Versa Wattle is made with durable polypropylene fabric and lightweight foam, which helps it to filter stormwater and prevents it from bursting under pressure. This helps the product be driven over.

The results? Our product manages and controls stormwater, trapping sediment and preventing water from bypassing the drainage system.

The durability is tested and proven to be used during the entire lifespan of your project.

Installation Detail

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